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Someday I’m going to have to go back to Estonia, not in a business-tourist capacity like at present but strictly for the sake of learning more about this great country.  Unfortunately, I could not get very far from the Tallinn city-center on this occasion.  It was with great reluctance that I left Estonia.  The people that I came in contact with during my brief stay were exceedingly polite and friendly.  I am entirely convinced that I will return to this beautiful place.

If you are considering traveling to (and throughout) the Baltic States, I urge you to consider moving between countries by bus.  Tallinn-Riga costs around $40.00, and will take you roughly four hours.  You can certainly fly between the capitals, but what is the point?  Unless you are taking a private jet with limo service from door to airport, you’re going to spend more time for your efforts.  Then, there’s the price-difference as well: it’ll cost at least three times the money for the same result.

I bought a seat on the Hansa line.  I sat in a private, reclining captain’s chair in the lounge section of the bus.  I had a work-table, internet access and periodic hot-drinks served by the bus stewardess.  The ride was smooth, and I arrived in Riga after sunset, feeling refreshed and ready for new experiences.