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I’ve got the pre-trip ants in the pants again.  They seem to time their assaults to coincide with the phase where I have concluded travel planning for my next adventure.  Now is a case in point.  Plane tickets are all purchased.  Likely places to visit are all under the most serious of consideration.  Everything seems to be in its haphazard-yet-sequential place on my travel itinerary.  I think the bugle-call for the pants-ants must be blared out, right as I transition from wondering about a place to thinking, “Yeah, this is happening.”  The little hoard comes out of its colony, and goes right to work.

Well, I’ve got one last post to share with you about Lithuania, and then pack my bags for Tajikistan.  You’re coming along, because I’ll bet you’re just as curious about Dushanbe and beyond, as I am.  We’ll go out east, eat things, learn new phrases, do Tajik things for a little bit.  Then we’ll dart back to Turkey, and see what some of those places are all about.  How does that sound?